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The Mix with Sherry Lucas: March 21-27

Celtic Fest is the big draw, continuing the spirit while Irish eyes are still smiling from St. Paddy’s. Movies, music and more round out the lineup.

The Mix with Sherry Lucas: March 14-20

“Be safe and have fun out there,” Sherry says of a weekend full of St. Paddy’s fun. “And, spread a little green around at everything else going on in town.”

The Mix with Sherry Lucas: March 7-13

You can hold onto your actual marching for another week, saving up for Hal’s St. Paddy’s Parade & Festival. Or you could get out on the town and, you know, practice.

The Mix with Sherry Lucas: Feb. 21-27

Kick up your pre-spring heels at any number of Duling Hall shows clear into next week, for instance, as roots-rocking flavor brings the great music home to roost.

The Mix with Sherry Lucas: February 7-13

“Around town, plenty [of] folks are exercising creativity in all sorts of entertaining ways,” Sherry says. “Don’t miss it,” from music, theater, Mardi Gras celebrations and more.

The Mix with Sherry Lucas: January 24-30

Soup’s On Saturday in the top of Fondren where Sherry says you can “get some goodness under your belt to sustain you for this very active weekend ahead!”