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Find It In Fondren®, the people, places and events of “Jackson’s Hippest Neighborhood™,” is the quarterly lifestyle magazine and daily “good news” source serving Fondren, published by Creative Process LLC’s Paul Wolf (publisher) and Sophie McNeil Wolf (editor).

Launched in the fall of 2010, Find It In Fondren has become a powerful voice for uplifting stories about local personalities, businesses and events. Read more of our founding story here.

At our inception, we noted Fondren had few opportunities to tell their positive stories at a local level. Through Find It In Fondren, we gave voice to a grassroots platform — focusing on hyperlocal narratives from Fondren and surrounding neighborhoods – that also provided advertising opportunities for community businesses.

While we appreciate that “news reporting” has increasingly become a menagerie of models and approaches that collectively replace (and exceed) what we used to get from other sources – and we do see the need for deeper news coverage – our model does not pursue hard-hitting, traditional journalism. And we don’t make money off of our stories, online or in print. Never have, never will. 

We couldn’t think of a better way to give back to our community than to continually look for newer and fresher ways to shine a spotlight upon this neighborhood. Thank you for your support!

Learn about our new sister publication, Explore Lefleur, here.

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