Lemuria Bookstore

4465 I-55 North, Jackson, MS

Upcoming Events

Lemuria presents Children’s Storytime

Date: Sat 24 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

A weekly story time for elementary aged children at Lemuria Books in Banner Hall. Book titles and special guest readers vary.

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Signing of “Hidden History of Jackson” by Josh Foreman and Ryan Starrett

Date: Sat 24 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

The history of Jackson is filled with gripping tales of horrors and heroism.

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Signing & Reading of “An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones

Date: Mon 26 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

“An American Marriage” is a masterpiece of storytelling, an intimate look deep into the souls of people who must reckon with the past while moving forward–with hope and pain–into the future.

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Signing & Reading of “Perennials” by Julie Cantrell

Date: Wed 28 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

From the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Into the Free comes an unforgettable exploration of the complicated relationships between women and the constant battle we all fight against time itself.

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Signing & Reading of “The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist: A True Story of Injustice in the American South” by Radley Balko and Tucker Carrington

Date: Thu 1 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

Award winning-journalist Radley Balko illustrates the persistent and historic plague of institutional racism and junk forensic science on our criminal justice system through the story of two death row inmates finally freed after their wrongful conviction based on the testimony of a controversial medical examiner.

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Signing & Reading of “Promise” by Minrose Gwin

Date: Sat 3 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

A story of loss, hope, despair, grit, courage, and race, “Promise” reminds us of the transformative power and promise that comes from confronting our most troubled relations with one another.

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Signing & Reading of “40 Days” by Joe Lee

Date: Wed 7 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

Taking place in the seemingly serene Mississippi community of Oakdale, “40 Days” is a story of redemption, forgiveness, and the ultimate leap of faith for a man who realizes he must do better. If there’s time.

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Signing & Reading of “Panorama” by Steve Kistulentz

Date: Mon 19 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

A debut novel that spins towards a single moment, a plane crash on New Year’s Day, and then away from it, as the families of the victims navigate intertwined paths in the wake of the tragedy.

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Signing & Reading of “Anatomy of a Miracle” by Jonathan Miles

Date: Tue 20 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

Written as a closely observed journalistic rendering, filtered through a wide lens that encompasses the vibrant characters affected by Cameron’s story, “Anatomy of a Miracle” is a remarkable story of the spectacular perils of grace.

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Signing & Reading of “The Past Is Never” by Tiffany Quay Tyson

Date: Wed 21 2018 | Location: Lemuria Bookstore

Perfect for fans of Flannery O’Connor and Dorothy Allison, “The Past Is Never” is an atmospheric, haunting story of myths, legends, and the good and evil we carry in our hearts.

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