Duling Hall

622 Duling Avenue, Jackson, MS

Upcoming Events

Jackson Indie Music Week ICON Awards + R&B showcase

Date: Thu 17 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

Honoring vanguards and trailblazers who have paved the way for independent music in central Mississippi.

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Cabaret @ Duling Hall: Unforgettable — Celebrating Nat King Cole

Date: Mon 21 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

Join performers David Walker and Latisha Hamilton as we celebrate the centennial of the birth of one of America’s musical icons.

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Date: Wed 30 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

An all-star band, made up of local musicians, this time covering musical legends like Aretha, Tom Petty, Glen Campbell, Greg Allman, BB King, Janis Joplin and more.

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Ardenland presents The Sedonas, Empty Atlas, Stonewalls , The Woodland

Date: Sat 2 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

Four rock bands on one stage.

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Ardenland Presents The Vegabonds & Cody Rogers

Date: Fri 8 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

Following three European tours, four full-length albums, and a tour schedule packed with more festivals and venues than ever before, The Vegabonds are forging into their second decade spreading the gospel of pure New South Rock.

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Cabaret @ Duling Hall: The Truth About Love . . . And the Usual Lies

Date: Mon 11 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

This musical journey through the ups and downs of love features songs from Avenue Q, Kurt Weill’s Street Scene, songs by William Bolcom, and American popular classics.

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Ardenland Presents America’s AC/DC Thunderstruck

Date: Thu 21 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

Striving to stay true to the AC/DC way, Thunderstruck obsesses over the tones and structures of each song’s studio and live versions, also using all the gear necessary to bring the power and entertainment of a genuine AC/DC show.

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Ardenland presents JUICE

Date: Fri 22 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

There’s strength in numbers. With seven distinct personalities, Juice distills rock, r&b and hip-hop into a signature sound with a distinct kick of electric violin, rich harmonies, honest lyrics, and festival-worthy choruses.

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Ardenland Presents George Winston

Date: Sat 23 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

With songs inspired by the changes in seasons and topography, listeners are left eager for the next masterfully crafted experience.

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Ardenland presents Jared & The Mill

Date: Tue 5 2019 | Location: Duling Hall

The show we put on brings people together; singing with everybody in the crowd, having peoples arms around one another howling, being honest about regrets, and accepting each other as we are.

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