Signing & Reading of “Madison Park: A Place of Hope” by Eric L. Motley

Welcome to Madison Park, a place of self-determination, hope, and the American dream. And meet Eric Motley, raised in this remarkable Alabama community founded by freed slaves, a place that taught him everything he needed to know on his journey to becoming Special Assistant to President George W. Bush at the Oval Office.

Eric grew up among people whose belief was to “give” and never turn away from your neighbor’s need.

There was Old Man Salery, who siphoned gas out of his beat-up old Lincoln into the tanks of others at night. And Eric’s grandparents, who bought him books they couldn’t read with seed money they didn’t have. And Reverend Brinkley, of whom it was said that whenever he came your way, light abounded. It wasn’t always fair as Motley reveals heartbreaking stories of racial injustice and segregation. Yet Madison Park taught Eric everything he needed about love and faith.

This is an odyssey of grace and gratitude – a charming, engaging, and deeply inspiring memoir that reveals the amazing power of faith – in God and each other.

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