Signing of “Igniting Your Purpose: Discover and Become Who God Created You to Be” by Chris Kellum

Are you living the greatness inside you?

Imagine a world where everyone is living the life they were created to live.

At some point in our lives, each of us experiences an innate desire to make a difference. You were created for greatness and that greatness is found in your Why. You deserve to live the life that you were created to live. Your circumstances don’t define who you are. Yet, so often, we allow those circumstances to dictate our destiny. In Igniting Your Purpose, Chris takes you on a journey of self-discovery and puts you on the path to discover and become who you were created to be.

Harness the power of the AAA Strategy to go from where you are to where you are meant to be:

Awareness: Become keenly AWARE of what is holding you back from fulfilling your life purpose.

Approach: Discover the five things you need to have in your personal manifesto to APPROACH life intentionally.

Attack: Ignite a fire within you to ATTACK life with more courage and confidence.

Discover how changing your world will change someone else’s world. The world is waiting to be changed and that change can begin with you.

Internal: How will your world change once you discover your true purpose?

Interpersonal: How will the world of those dearest to you be influenced?

External: How will knowing and living your true purpose change the world?

Join the movement of igniting a purpose-driven world one “WHY” at a time!

Are you willing to be part of something bigger than you?

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