Mississippi to Missouri Pop Up Art Show

Check out great art to purchase from local students and even meet the artists. All proceeds from sales go to send the students of Red Door Jackson to summer camp for a week of adventure and personal growth.

Red Door Jackson director Emily Hardin sat down with us to learn more about the event.

Is there a theme for this year’s artwork?
This year there, there’s not (last year was Mississippi-themed). Instead, we focused on fostering an art-making environment where students felt safe to create and experiment with various mediums.

You have some of the same students who participated last year? How have you seen their talents improve?
What I have seen in our returning students is a greater freedom and desire to create and a courage to try new things in the creative realm. I love the palpable peace that falls on the room when the students begin to make art.

How will proceeds be used?
There is great dignity in working hard for the things we want in life. The proceeds that students raise through this show will go to fund their camp store accounts. This gives students the experience of working, earning money, choosing how to spend that money, and then enjoying the fruits of their labor.

What do you hope being part of this show – and part of this summer’s camp – will do for the kids?
Life in Jackson is intense. Both the arts and camp provide our students with time to be kids, breathe a little, grow individually, and grow in community. There are many adults who never get to experience the joy and pride of making something and seeing someone want to buy what they made – this art show gives our students that incredibly fulfilling experience. Camp is a break from the city, a break from the day-in-day-out routine in a life-giving, totally hype, character-building, adventurous setting. Our students will be both challenged and encouraged as they explore their faith at camp.
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