Kaitlyn Zittel Live

A unique blend of Indie-Folk, Americana, and Folk-Rock, Kaitlyn Zittel’s music is teeming with emotion, brilliant poeticism, and inventive incorporation of her broad vocal dynamics and exceptional control.

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kaitlyn Zittel grew up as the seventh of nine children in a musically inclined and artistically driven family. Zittel began writing songs at the early age of six years old and taught herself to play guitar when she was fourteen. After establishing herself within the open mic community, she began booking her own shows and self-released her debut EP “Wither” a year later at the age of seventeen.

Since then she has solo toured the West and East Coasts and played in nearly 30 states across the US while promoting her self-produced debut album, “My Heart Billows Soot,” released in 2018. When asked what she values most about music, Kaitlyn said, “Authenticity. Music should be honest. When I play music I am telling a story; it may be part of my own or someone else’s, but I want it to be genuine.”

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