HUSH! // Fondren After 5 Edition

FREE headphone rental with email sign-up.

Music by: The Collective

NOTE: Headphones have a 500ft range so feel free to roam about, just return the headphones when you are finally leaving the event.

What is a silent party, you ask?

A silent party is a unique way of experiencing music at a party. Guests wear wireless headphones and switch to one of three channels to listen and party to one of three DJs. You can switch to any channel at any time to catch a different vibe and also adjust the volume if you want. Basically, it’s like being in control of your own party.

How do I rent headphones?

Headphone rental is absolutely FREE. We exchange your photo ID for a set of headphones and all we ask is that you sign-up for our email list so you can be the first to know about our upcoming events.

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