Brynn Corbello CD Release

After seven years of writing, recording and working on small side projects in film, theater and music, Corbello releases her second studio album: “Hidden Luminance.”

Corbello gave us some insight into her musical path, her new album and the upcoming release party…

How long have you been doing music?
I began having an interest in music during my teenage years, around the age of 16. That’s when I decided to first teach myself piano, and this passion grew into teaching myself an additional 16 instruments over the years. After only six months of practice on the piano, I was awarded a music scholarship to Millsaps College. After years of playing and writing music, I finally pursued my dream of releasing an album in 2010. This album, “Beneath The Silver Sky” was well received in the community and tracks were featured in the independent film “Subsippi” (2014)  and even an Off-Off Broadway play that recently premiered in NYC called “Hot Belly” (2017).

Tell us about the new album.
My newest album is a Neo-classical, minimalist album featuring piano and accordion with a nostalgic, cinematic feel.  It is a soundscape dissertation on the bittersweet emotions of our everyday lives; the rise and fall of joy, and the rise and fall of sadness that listeners can relate to on a humanistic level. One track, titled “Aleppine Lullaby,” was written and inspired by the conflict in Syria and its effects on the children of that nation.  This track has been selected to partner with UNICEF in fundraising to bring humanitarian aid to assist with this crisis and to improve these children’s lives.

What can folks expect at the release party?
(It will be) a celebration amongst local music lovers and a free mini-concert showcasing the new album’s tracks, as well as an opportunity to purchase CDs and merch available to be signed.