Signing & Reading of “The Bravo! Way” by Dawn Dugle

Join Dawn Dugle, Jeff Good, and Dan Blumenthal as they sign and read from “The BRAVO! Way.”

Opening a restaurant is about as risky as dancing on a hilltop beneath a metal umbrella during a thunderstorm. Researchers tell us that 60 percent of new restaurants fail the first year and 80 percent fail before the 5th anniversary.

All of which is why the upcoming 25th anniversary of a popular Jackson, Mississippi, restaurant, BRAVO!, is of such interest. How did owners Jeff Good and Dan Blumenthal beat the odds? There are lessons to be learned from their experiences, whether you are planning to open a restaurant of your own, or writing a business plan to open any business.

The BRAVO! Way shares the owners’ journey as restaurateurs. From the concept to the business plan to training a dedicated workforce that has the lowest level of education in the country. This is about how they survived the ups and downs of a partnership and friendship that came to the brink of failure, and the lessons other entrepreneurs can learn.

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