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Budweiser Clydesdales, Color Me Rad Part of Zippity Doo Dah®

Update: Here’s the weekend map and schedule! January 31, 2013 In a press conference held this morning at Fondren Corner, Fondren Renaissance told of  plans for the third annual Zippity Doo Dah® Weekend including the return of the Budweiser Clydesdales and the addition of several new events. Jim Wilkirson, Renaissance executive director; Mangia Bene group’s […]

Healthy Humor: Patrick Jerome

“I think people pay attention when stuff is funny,” says Jerome. “A lot of what we talk about here can be scary, so I like to liven it up a little bit.”

Engulfed in Color: Kelli Grantham

“There are a lot of people I wouldn’t have met had it not been for me showing up at Fondren’s First Thursday displaying or showcasing my art,” she says.

Waters’ Colors: Lonnell Waters

“I feel like for the first time in my career I am getting my props,” he says. “I had never really been acknowledged for my work until now.”

Speak of The Past: Meet Larry Morrisey

Larry Morrisey has a way of getting things out of people. They’ll tell him anything. Just ask the families of those he has interviewed over the years, gathering oral histories for the likes of The University of Southern Mississippi and The Library of Congress. “He told you things I never knew”, the children and grandchildren […]

Fortunate: Meet Meredith Sullivan

Growing up, Meredith Sullivan dreamed big as she flipped through the pages of fashion magazines. With each turn, she imagined a world outside her sleepy hometown where she was free to explore bigger things. Sullivan grew up in Mandeville, Louisiana, but made good on a elementary-aged promise to live with her grandparents in Philadelphia, Miss. […]

Midtown is Blank Canvas for Development, Weekend’s Figment

Everyone’s an artist, at least this weekend in Midtown. Figment returns for a third year to Jackson and its second year in the Millsaps Arts District just south of Fondren. In 2012, Midtown hosted this small, family-friendly, interactive festival building on the momentum of 2011’s inaugural event at the Coca-Cola plant on Highway 80. Figment […]