Paul Wolf. Mural: Scott Allen. Image: Sophie McNeil Wolf

Wait: you have a magazine?

I get this question often, usually from fans of our website and social media accounts. Yes, there are people who don’t realize we have printed a physical magazine for nearly nine years!

Last month, a new advertiser told me how much he loved everything we do and wanted to be a part of it. As he flipped through the spring issue, he said, “Sad to say this is my first time looking through one of these.”

As we continue to build our digital presence – Instagram, our websites, Facebook and Twitter, it’s time – for now – to step away from the printed magazine.


Starting June 10, I will begin a full-time role with Visit Jackson, our city’s convention and visitors bureau, as their Digital Marketing Manager.

The job is very similar to what I have been doing for Fondren and, more recently, LeFleur East, highlighting the best of, raising the tide – connecting positive people with audiences searching for more “good.” In short, it’s much of the same work I’m already doing, but with an expanded territory and platform!

Believe me, there was a careful “pros/cons” list weighing on my decision.

But it was the right decision for this time for me and for Sophie – my wife and our editor.

I feel this is the place where I need to ask you to read back what I just said to you.

No, we’re not going away. No, this isn’t “the end.”

It is a new beginning for me that I couldn’t be more excited about.

It is a great balance of continuing our hyperlocal and focused work for Fondren and LeFleur East while allowing me to help build up our city as a whole. Visit Jackson is very supportive of Find It In Fondren and Explore LeFleur and see both as a way to further their brand, too.

I can’t thank you enough, our readers, followers and fans, for allowing us to be your little window into this small part of the city.

Now, I ask you to allow me to pull back the curtain for an even greater picture of the best of our city – Jackson, Mississippi – the City With Soul!

Continue to follow our work at, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Follow my work in my role with Visit Jackson at, on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Paul Wolf is publisher and founder of Find It in Fondren and Explore LeFleur.

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