Image: Jackson Foodies

A local Facebook group dedicated to food has come together to feed others.

The Jackson Foodies want to help furloughed Federal workers provide for themselves and their families during a historic government shutdown.

Through Friday Sunday, donations of restaurant, grocery or gas gift cards in any amount can be dropped at Sal & Mookie’s, Broad Street and BRAVO!

The aim is to distribute the cards to the impacted federal employees around the time those employees will miss their next pay period.

A Jackson Foodies group administrator, Carlyn Hicks told local NBC affiliate WLBT, “One thing we do well in this city (and our state) is food. Another thing we do well is community. When the two come together, we see great things happen. This is one of those things. We take care of each other, that’s the Mississippi way. Our neighbors impacted by the government shutdown are hurting, and we hope this gesture can help alleviate some of the burden and give them a sense of normalcy.”

Restaurateur Jeff Good, whose businesses are serving as collection locations said, “We appreciate everything the Jackson Foodies do for the restaurant culture in the capital city. As I always say ‘Working together works.’ Let’s prove it now!”

If you or someone you know is impacted by the shutdown and want to benefit from the gift card drive, contact Jackson Foodies at

Update: Over 300 federal workers have applied for the program. More gift card donations are needed. Gift cards for groceries and necessities are essential needs.

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