After more than twenty years of creating fine glass sculpture, glass artist Elizabeth Robinson has launched Garnishxo tableware.

The Fondren-based creative made the announcement on Facebook over the weekend with a Kickstarter campaign.

“What brings memories of families to your table?” the Kickstarter video begins, voiced by Robinson. “That’s the question that inspired us to create Garnish, a tableware line focused on our loves: family, southern roots and food.”

The kiln-formed and cold worked plates are made by hand. The first pieces, part of a collection called “kinfolk,” utilize upcycled ceramic decal in their design, fired permanently in the glass. “Slight bends in the glass, along with the interruption of the pattern, create a sense of old cloth,” Robinson describes.

Robinson’s studio is located in the heart of the Fondren Arts District. She says her goal with Garnish is to “bring the music, energy and creativity of the neighborhood to (her) pieces.”

Update (9/26/18): Robinson posted today to her Facebook page, “I’m excited to be able to offer this New Reward on our #kickstarter PRIVATE STUDIO TIME! If you have been wanting to learn about kiln-formed glass – here’s a way to get a taste! Makes a great gift (not available til January but what a fun card to give at Christmas – or be ready for V’Day or Mothers Day!)”

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