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Home and office delivery from some of your favorite Jackson restaurants is as close as your smartphone.

WAITR, available for Apple and Android, officially launches Thursday with a kickoff at The Pig & Pint.

According to the app, delivery is now available from Fondren restaurants Cups, The Pig & Pint, Babalu Tapas and Tacos, Brent’s, Surin of Thailand, Rooster’s, Quiznos and Sal & Mookie’s. Nearby, The Manship, Newks, Pizza Shack and Lost Pizza are on the list, too.

The delivery fee is $5 no matter the size of your order. The cost of the food? It’s the same as the restaurant’s regular menu price. Order through the app or online and receive an alert when your food is on its way. Even payment is done electronically.

“We were already looking to expand our relationship with ChowNow, our online ordering system, and were exploring ways to do delivery without breaking the bank so WAITR was a natural fit for us,” said Susan Farris, marketing manager for Sal & Mookie’s.

“The challenges and cost of maintaining quality service, staffing reliable drivers, logistics, insurance– it was all too much for any independent restaurant running on tight margins and refusing to compromise customer experience,” Farris added. “WAITR brings knowledge to the table along with dedication to customer support and an easy-to-use app that makes coordination for us, our customers and their drivers a breeze.”

Farris said the service will possibly expand to their other brands in the future. “If it’s anywhere near as successful as we hope, we will introduce it over at BRAVO! and possibly Broad Street.

Cody Cox, general manager of Cups in Fondren, said he’s not only excited as a retailer but as a consumer. “Ultimately, I couldn’t be more excited about this development in Jackson, both as someone who loves all the local food here and as a cafe manager. We still want people to come enjoy our cafe on their break, as part of the study group or as part of the morning commute, but its fantastic that the option is there when you just really want to have great food and drink brought directly to you. Dare I say, the future is here?”

WAITR, launched in 2015 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, has more than 2,000 participating restaurants in four states.

Create an account today for free delivery. Use the promo code JACKSONMS. Expires 11/12/17. 

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