While it may not be “picture perfect” just yet, Dr. Rick Miles says he will be selling beer this weekend in Fondren.

His Hops & Habannas is in the final stretch at 2771 Old Canton Road, the former home of circa.

“We’re still putting shelves together and he’s got to finish his work,” Dr. Miles says, pointing to a dry wall contractor mudding the walk-in humidor. “It may not be pretty, but we’ll be selling beer in here (in the next couple of days Saturday.)”

Dr. Miles cites weekend-before-Christmas sales as a motivator to work day and night to complete the retail space. During our visit on Thursday, he consulted with a credit card processing representative, a beer distribution rep (“load us up on a dozen or so kegs for the beer cave,” Dr. Miles told him,) and contractors who were deciding placement for shelving units.

Stacked in the front were cases upon cases of beer, including seasonal and special releases Hops & Habanas gets dibs on. “There may only be an allotment of ten to fifteen cases of something for the whole Jackson area, but we’ll get 70% because (the distributors) know we’ll sell them,” he explains of his large selection.

Add to that a staff of “beer geeks” who keep Dr. Miles in the loop on the latest product news and releases, giving Hops & Habannas a distinct advantage in retail beer sales.

When asked if his customers further south are excited they won’t have to drive to Madison to buy from him, he lights up. “Yeah, people from Fondren –  even from Brandon, Clinton and Byram,” he notes. “That’s that much further they don’t have to go.”

And with a location perched between Cups, Fondren Public and Rainbow, Dr. Miles is hopeful everything they say about Fondren is true. “The brotherly love…the cross traffic: we’re banking on it.”

Update: Hops and Habanas is now open

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