St. Dominic’s new Behavioral Health Services building has been completed. The hospital held a ribbon cutting ceremony today to welcome the new facility, housing the acute care psychiatric hospital and gero psychiatric hospital.

St. Dominic Hospital President Lester Diamond thanked the City of Jackson and Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, hospital staff, the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership along with Harold Construction and architects Barlow Eddy and Jenkins for their unwavering support. He also spoke of a firm spiritual foundation, thanking the Dominican Sisters and Bishop Joseph N. Latino of the Catholic Diocese of Jackson.

“We’ve been anxious for this final phase so we can extend our services,” Diamond told a crowded lobby of well wishers. “This represents more than just a modern new building but a commitment to care for the citizens of the metro Jackson area, many of whom might be otherwise undeserved.”

Mayor Lumumba said today’s ceremony was a welcoming event to have these fresh doors opening. “We’re growing in this medical corridor here,” he said “and St. Dominic’s contribution is invaluable.”

Instead of renovating the existing Behavioral Health Services building which was in need of substantial repairs, St. Dominic’s completely razed the building and reconstructed it in phases in the same location. The first phase opened in April 2012. 

Dr. Mark Valverde, medical director for St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health Services said “If the need arises, we’re here to help” before welcoming everyone to their new home.

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