Want a lot of “bang for your buck?” Everett Kendrick of Venture Car Wash says he’s knows where a little goes a long way. Kendrick is the general manager of Venture’s sixth location and their first in Jackson. The flagship store popped up in Ridgeland over a decade ago and now also calls Meadowbrook Road home.

Venture Car Wash offers three tiers of service at $5, $10 and $15. All washes include free vacuums. “This is state-of-the-art,” Kendrick says of the brand new machines just installed over the weekend. “We’ve learned over the years some of the ways we’ve needed to improve and, of course, the technology has improved.” He explains that, with 25,000 such operations across the United States, Venture has been rated in the top 50 for the last four years.

Pettey Hardin built his car wash business all around Jackson, but never within the city limits. Kendrick says it was, in essence, the people of Fondren, who convinced them of a need. “Before I was in management, I ran the Ridgeland wash,” he says. “At least three times a week, someone from the Fondren area would come in and they were always wanting us to move closer.” Kendrick says the company eyed the historic district, but with no real estate large enough for their operation, they looked north. “We found this spot where the Hancock Fabric had been and the other stores that were here were leaving anyway.”

Venture Car Wash has already discovered what other businesses are finding out: North Fondren is on the way up. “It’s a hot, active corner,” Kendrick says. “People seem to really support the businesses in this area.” And for good reason: “there’s a different caliber of folks here. We hope we are a different caliber, too.”

With a dedicated and loyal customer base, Venture aims to show that same dedication to the community. “We’re constantly learning,” the 43 year-old Kendrick says. “Mr. P gives us the tools to learn and do our jobs well.” And, Kendrick says, they are paid to pay attention. “We walk through the wash with, at least, every 5th car. We wash hundreds of cars a day but it’s mandatory that the lot looks like it does now. Not a scrap of paper on the ground, no loud music and no bee-bopping around. We’re not like the stereotypical car wash. We are consummate professionals.”

Venture Car Wash is fully staffed 7 days a week and even the rain won’t stop them. He explains “Unless it’s just storming, we don’t close. Come on in, even if you just want to run a vacuum.” It’s also a good time for a tour. Kendrick invites the curious to stop by. “I’ll personally give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we do,” he says. “This concept – there are others out there – but I like to think we do it better.”

Learn more at VentureCarWash.com.

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