One of four proposed new looks. Rendering: Creative Distillery

A new look is coming to Fondren’s Rainbow Co-Op. After a branding redesign in July of 2012, a new facade, an updated plaza and a freshened store are all in the works. CEO Luke Lundemo says it’s all part of a plan to help Rainbow put their best foot forward.

After having the same logo for thirty years, Rainbow hired Fondren firm Creative Distillery to create something much simpler to identify the brand. “The old one was very busy and hard for people to see what it was,” Lundemo says. “We knew we needed to modernize and make it more accessible.”

High Noon Cafe picked up a menu redesign as well as a logo and Fair Trade Green and Computer Co-Op, Lundemo’s business, received logo tweaks as well. He says these were necessary elements to begin the rest of the work on the property like the store’s facade. “It’s been built upon, layer by layer, for 50 years now,” Lundemo explains.

Enter Creative Distillery again to create the feel and allow shoppers and board members to offer input on the design they’d like to see. “Creative Distillery came up with a new design and we narrowed it down to four versions we really liked,” Lundemo tells us. Several hundred votes have come in since the first of the year. Beyond a simple “pick one” vote, though, actual feedback has been surprising. “People who know about design and art have engaged us in conversation. What comes out of this process will be the collaborative efforts of many people and I think we’ll be very pleased.”

But the co-op won’t stop with just the one project: improvements to the plaza area, often used as meeting space for neighborhood groups and clubs, will follow. Lundemo says Rainbow will be addressing acoustics and lighting. “Large groups can’t have meetings here because you can’t hear each other,” he says.

Bids will be accepted later this month for facade work and construction will begin shortly after. Once underway, attention turns to the plaza, likely in March. “I would hope we’d have the plaza redesigned by earlier summer,” Lundemo tell us. Rainbow will then repaint the store, develop new signage and even look at ideas for new equipment for produce displays. “We’re not sure where all that will lead just yet.”

Lundemo is excited that Rainbow’s rebranding will come just in time for planed neighborhood improvements, like the $2.5 million mixed-fund enhancement grant and a joint partnership to improve interstate interchange signage and landscaping. Lundemo says “There’s a lot of good momentum for creating an even more wonderful experience here in Fondren.”

Update: Rainbow updated their Facebook photo on March 12 to reflect the chosen look. See it here.

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