The Jackson Bike Advocates set out on their monthly ride tomorrow evening and organizers say this one will be a bit different.

The ride begins from Rainbow Co-op where participants will meet at 6pm. JBA will make a few announcements & roll out promptly at 6:30pm. The first leg of the ride will take the east of I-55 and deep into Eastover, “Leftover” & such, taking approximately one hour. The ride will wind toward the Cherokee Inn restaurant and an extended stay of an hour is planned. Riders are encouraged to grab a bite to eat if desired.

The second half of the tour will take riders back through neighborhoods East of I-55 via a different route. The ride will end where it began, at the Rainbow Co-op. The second leg is set to also be around an hour.

The pace of this ride will be very slow & relaxed. The ride leaders will work hard to maintain a reasonably tight grouping.

JBA advises that the city’s recently-mandated helmet ordinance is now in affect. As participants, all riders should be aware of this. See a map of the route here.

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