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January 9, 2013

It started with Jesse, Ryan and then Mattie; now it’s Garrad, Catherine, Ian, Jamie and Julia. Oh, and Byron, too. We dished with Sneaky Beans’ owner Byron Knight and asked about this Saturday’s “Mom, My Breakfast Don’t Look Like It Used To.”

How did this whole idea begin?
It really was when Jesse (Houston) and Ryan (Bell) from Parlor Market used to come in from time to time and cook on Saturdays. That was before Parlor Market did brunch. We did eggs BEANadcit and a coffee gravy. We did it three weeks in a row. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting it on a regular basis with a guest chef. I had been talking with Jamie (Weems.) Mattie (Jeffries) did one last month with eggs in a basket and french toast. Garrad (Lee) wanted to do it, so I made him come for three breakfasts in a row to get ready. I said “you can’t just come cook without at least coming and experiencing breakfast.” So he and Catherine (his wife) came and he told me he was ready. And then Ian (Hanson) has that strawberry and guava stuffed french toast, one of those things they do in his family. Everyone sent me menus so that’s how it got started.

Have you always had Saturday breakfast?
When we first opened (in September 2008), we did breakfast everyday. Matthew McQuire was my chef and we did quiche, grits and sausage biscuits. We did that for close to a year. It just didn’t work. We had so much waste. So I started just doing Saturdays and it’s been a hit.

You created a demand for it! Your quiche, your omelets, those grits and – the biscuits!
Those biscuits are good. I didn’t know they were good until Ryan and Jesse said they were good. Parlor Market and Underground 119 both tried to get me to come make biscuits for them. I told them they’d have to come eat them here. I always make 22. Some days I run out in 30 minutes and other times, there are still some here at 10:30am.

What is it about the biscuits? Is it your grandmother’s secret recipe?
The recipe is basic. When I opened, I had my Aunt Kitty and Uncle Barry’s recipe. Barry doesn’t know how much of what goes in (like most cooks.) So I tried that a while. They were good but I got one of Nathan Glenn’s (Rooster’s and Basil’s) recipes. I kind of combined my family’s and Nathan’s. It’s all about the touch. Everyone knows the ingredients but it’s about how you put it together.

Ok, so the big events start Saturday January 12 and then there’s one on the 19th and 26th. What are we in for?
You definitely won’t be disappointed. These next three weeks are special. Garrad and Catherine are always cooking for friends. Garrad worked in restaurants growing up. Their week is definitely going to be healthier than what I do! I’ll still do my grits and they’ll use them for their green chile grits and they’ll do roasted tomato and pesto benedict from scratch.

On the 19th, Jamie and Julia Weems have a golden bowl they do with tofu and gravy they’ll do here along with some other stuff. And deer sausage they killed.

And the guava stuffed french toast from Ian Hanson and Garrad Lee in week three.

All events are first come, first served and will begin around 9am. Limited quantities will be prepared, so come early. The full menus are as follows:

On Jan 12, Catherine and Garrad Lee will be serving Green Chili and Grits, Roasted Tomato and Pesto Benedict, Vegan Apple Bread and more.

On Jan 19th, Jamie and Julia Weems will be serving Truffled Grit Cakes, Deer Sausage, Mushroom and Thyme Quiche and more.

On Jan 26th, Ian Hanson and Garrad Lee will be serving Strawberry and Guava Stuffed French Toast, Turkey Sausage Apple Bake and more.

Follow the event page on Facebook for any last minute additions or changes. Sneaky Beans is located at 2914 North State Street, next to Fondren Corner.

PHOTOS from Week One

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