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A recent study by Texas Tech University found that the average person gains about 2.2 pounds per year.  The shocking part of this is that 1.7 pounds (that’s almost 80% of it) occurs during the holiday season – November thru January.  This really shouldn’t be that surprising.  Starting with the candy overload of Halloween and ending with the drink-fest of New Year’s Eve, these holiday months are full of feasts and shorter days with cooler temps.  It seems almost impossible to NOT gain weight during the holiday season.

Starting the first weekend in November and ending in mid January, liveRIGHTnow and Butterfly Yoga are challenging you to lose as much weight as possible and to compete against others in the jackson area. The two are teaming up to issue the Survive the Season Weight Loss Challenge!

Read how the challenge works and get more info here. By the way, the weigh in’s begin TODAY!

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