We spoke with Doris Berry’s Original Jackson Farmer’s Market today. She is sad to tell us that, yes, the State Street location has been consolidated with the “63 years strong” original location.

“They (Mac, Brenda and their crew at the State Street location) were having to move tables in and out twice a day,” Berry said. “They were breaking their backs doing it.” Berry says business wasn’t a problem. “They had plenty of traffic.”

Berry says a fence around the whole location (as they have at West Street) would have been cost prohibitive. “The type we need would be around $30,000.”

Doris Berry’s Original Farmer’s Market location will be up and running, she says, “until it gets too cold for us to stand it.” That means until Thanksgiving. She says, maybe longer. “We’ll open back up March 1 after that.”

We spotted lots of fresh Mississippi veggies there today and a whole host of fall goodies like pumpkins.

The market is open 7 days a week.

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