The Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership unveiled the Vision 2022/One Voice 10 year long range economic plan for the region today at the Jackson Convention Center.

Vision 2022/One Voice is a the bold, multi-year plan to transform the greater Jackson Region into a destination community attracting businesses, families and tourists for its quality of “place” and economic opportunity.

“Vision 2022is a bold plan to transform the Jackson metro area into one of the most talked about and desirable communities in this region of the country,” said Mayo Flynt, GJCP 2012 Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The process to create the new Vision 2022 Plan has been inclusive, comprehensive and thorough. A tremendous amount of research about the region was married with input from thousands of citizens and a very involved steering committee. The result is a powerful road map for the Jackson Region with clear benchmarks and measures of success.

Business and community leaders spoke on the 10 key Initiatives in Vision 2022 which includes: Health Care, Regional Infrastructure, Aerospace, lake Development, Regional Marketing, Core City, Regional Trail System, “Talent” Attraction, Arts and Culture and Education.

The Atlanta based consulting firm, Market Street Services, guided the plan which is a holistic approach based on people, places and prosperity.

“The planning process reached out to the entire regional community to gain insight on the best direction,” said Duane O’Neill, president of the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership. “We accomplished this by multiple meetings and community surveys.

According to Socrates Garrett, GJCP 2013 Chairman of the Board, “our surrounding partners in both Madison and Rankin counties as well as Hinds County expressed the need to support the region.

“There is less infighting and more cooperation than any time in our history,” he said. “The central theme seems to be the need for a healthy Jackson to support continued growth in the region.  There are different goals for each partner and the need to secure growth through improving the infrastructure and quality of life issues. You cannot drive the train before you lay the tracks.”

These 10 Initiatives are “game changers” for the region, according to O’Neill.

“Taken together they unlock a massive positive step forward for Jackson and the Region. Each is vital and important; they leverage and compliment each other,” he said.

Major efforts have already begun on one of the key initiatives of the plan which is Lake Development. To help expedite some of the needed research done on this project, the GJCP presented a $200,000 check to the Pearl River Vision Foundation at the conclusion of the unveiling.

The plan is online here.

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