Update (8/21/12): Catch Shipping Wars on A&E and watch for repeats of the episode “chicken ship.” You’ll see the segment filmed in April here in Fondren!

April 18, 2012 – Campbell’s Bakery got a very special delivery today and it took a flatbed truck to bring it in. No, it wasn’t an industrial mixer or new oven, but a delivery truck, purchased from Illinois and shipped in a unique way. This truck had a television crew along for the ride.

While owners Mitchell Moore and Robert Lewis weren’t at liberty to say exactly who was filming, they would tell us that it was a television network taping a segment we may see on an upcoming episode of a popular show. And, Moore confirmed their intentions: “It’s mainly a delivery truck.” While they won’t be baking in the back or holding temperature regulated foods, they do have another purpose in mind.  “We can roll in, rent by the hour,” he said “or even go downtown and set up or maybe haul wedding cakes.” Moore says the truck will be wrapped, repainted, and opened on the side.

Moore’s challenge to Lewis was to find a truck, but to purchase it debt free. “I don’t do debt,” Moore told us. And so, with marching orders and the side eye from Lewis’ wife, the internet search began. “I saw this truck on a website,” Lewis said, “but it wasn’t for sale. Long story made short, the guy decided to sell it, put it on Ebay, the deal fell through and he called and offered it to me.”

With the 1951 truck purchased, the task of getting it to Fondren was at hand. Lewis turned again to the internet & a bidding process. “They weren’t the cheapest, but they had the best reviews,” Lewis claimed. “I look at the risk-reward and thought ‘I want someone who gets it here in one piece.'”

Lewis and Moore say that community – and charity is important to them. “We hope to deliver cookies to Blair E. Batson and instead of rolling up in a Toyota, we have this tricked out truck that puts smiles on the kids’ faces.”

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