After almost six years in business, a Fondren shop has found a look to call their own. Fondren Guitars underwent an imaging overall this month courtesy of Jackson ad agency Maris, West & Baker. Shop owner Patrick Harkins explains that he had hoped for some time to convey a more vintage feel to his marketing efforts. That’s when he says friends from MWB stepped in. “I’ve known them for a long time,” he tells us. “Keith Frasier (associate creative director) came to me with the same ideas I had had for a while and they ran with it.” Harkins also credits Chelsea Knapp at the firm. “They came up with an awesome logo.”

The plan, Harkins says, is to put the logo on everything, including ads and American Apparel tee shirts, which were recently printed by Studio Chane in Fondren. And that, he believes, gives him a more established and recognizable image. “I’ve always wanted a logo that when someone sees it, they recognize our store,” he explains. “That red guitar upside down, that’ll be something that makes them think of my shop.”

Maris West & Baker has been the creative team behind projects for many, including the Greenwood’s Shack Up Inn and the Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau. “I’m lucky,” Harkins says, “to have somebody like Maris get behind this. To have them come along and help out a little shop like this, I’m very thankful to them.”

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