Cox and Knight

Story and photos by Sophie McNeil

Forget your at-home single cup brewing system. There’s a newer and tastier way to brew coffee and it’s now at Sneaky Beans. Starting today, customers can now order brewed coffee using the Clever Coffee Dripper (CCD) system, which Sneaky Beans employees agree is one of the freshest ways to enjoy coffee.

“We want to keep it simple at first before we start going into AeroPress and Chemex (brewing systems). We’ll show people what they’ve been missing,” said Caitlyn Cox, manager of Sneaky Beans.

Like French press, the CCD uses the immersion process of steeping grinds (Bean Fruit’s “unbelievably delicious Guatemala Huehuetenango” according to Cox) and water together in a container. However, instead of pressing grinds, the dripper is set over a cup and coffee is released through the bottom. In this “clever” design, there’s no messy clean up because of a filter.

How is this different from the coffee already being served at Sneaky Beans? Each cup is brewed individually for about four minutes, so wait time is increased, but Paul Bonds of Bean Fruit Coffee Co. says that shouldn’t be an issue.

“The downside is the wait time, but the upside is the result,” he said. Because the beans are ground and brewed right into your cup, there is a richer flavor over drip brewed coffee in an air pot.

Cox was inspired to get the coffee shop in on the method after seeing Bonds do a demonstration at Lemuria Bookstore and felt it was a positive move.
“We felt like it was a good time and right time of year to take the leap,” she said. “People are really going to enjoy it.”


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