A group of fitness minded Fondrenites joined a reality TV celebrity on Saturday, running 30 miles in Vicksburg’s National Military Park. Terry Sullivan of  liveRIGHTnow hosted six of his trainees as they joined The Biggest Loser’s Patrick House who celebrated his 30th birthday with 30 miles. Sullivan says it was obvious that this run would be a challenge, but they had no idea how special it would be for everyone involved.

Before this endeavor with House, Sullivan says his group spoke their goals aloud.  “Some were determined to run the entire 30, and others just wanted to run their best and not worry about distance,” he said on his website, liverightnowonline.com.  “We all wanted to test ourselves in an environment that was supportive rather than competitive.”  Out of the seven runners on the trip, four completed the entire 30 miles, one ran 24 and two finished 18 (leaving early due to a prior engagement).   “To say that this day was amazing is an understatement,” Sullivan remarked.  “I can’t quite put into words how incredible it was to reach my own personal goal, to watch another push herself through each mile and to see two rally for one last round (6 extra miles after stopping at 24.)”

liveRIGHTnow has participated in multiple relay races, Warrior Dash, triathlons and many 5k races. Read more of this story – and the lessons Sullivan said they learned from this experience at liverightnowonline.com. See a story from WLBT by clicking here.

Photo courtesy of liveRIGHTnow on Facebook

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