Gone. Much to the disappointment of avid fans of Grammy winners The Flaming Lips, tickets for two shows are sold out. “They were gone in 13 seconds for Jackson and 18 for Hattiesburg,” promoter Arden Barnett said by phone. A presale opportunity at 8am sold swiftly with fans waiting for the 10am window to open. “I thought it might take 5 minutes,” Barnett added. “It’s a lovely problem to have.”

Barnett says he regrets the small capacity of the room and the fact that it was not an all ages show. But the venue, Duling Hall, is where the band chose to play. “We gave them options,” he said, “but coming from the Lyric (in Oxford) before this show, they wanted a smaller room.”  And Fondren won them over. “They specifically are coming here because it is an old school and it’s in a neighborhood. It’s a brilliant story for Fondren.” While some fans had mentioned a wish for an outdoor show, because of the nature of the tour and the odd timing of the show, Barnett said it was impossible. “It’s midnight to 5am. I think our neighbors may not have gone for that.”

It’s a good day in Ardenland. Barnett says he’s “100 billion percent on top of the world with our town.”

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