Bacon, eggs, toast, sausage, pancakes and biscuits – at night. “Because that’s when breakfast should be.” Or at least according to Brent’s general manager Leslee Foukal. Fondren’s historic diner will turn the tables on Thursday and every Thursday in June with breakfast for dinner. “You get the best of both worlds by getting the food you love but not have to wake up at 6:30am,” Foukal says. And there’s another reason for the time slot swap: Foukal says there are still people who aren’t aware Brent’s serves breakfast. “We want to show people we have a great, classic, southern style spread available Tuesday through Saturday.” 

The Thursday night menu will consist of traditional favorites and Brent’s will have beer, Bloody Mary mix and orange juice. “You’re welcome to bring your mix ins,” Foukal says. But don’t come expecting burgers. “No burgers or phillies or egg and olive,” she explains. But yes to shakes? “Oh yeah, definitely. We’ll cut lunch service at 4:30pm and start breakfast at 5pm. In the meantime you can try our new strawberry Nutella shake!” Food will be served until 9pm. “We want people to come and hang out and have a good time.” 

Foukal’s hope is that there would be enough of a buzz and if it goes well, longer breakfast hours on weekends, including Sundays. “People have been asking for brunch hours,” she says. “We’ve got to build up a group of regulars who demand that in order to make it happen.”

 Two short musical sets from Jared Smith and Ben Ford will compliment the evening between 6pm-8pm though the music is meant as non-intrusive. “It’s something chill and acoustic so you’re not distracted by some loud show,” Foukal says. “The good thing is it’s early enough to bring the family but late enough so that you can catch a bite before a set somewhere else around town.”

 Early buzz has been “phenomenal” thanks to social media buzz on Twitter and Facebook. “I think this is the first thing since I’ve been manager that has had this kind of support,” Foukal tells us. “We have this crowd of grandparents and parents who have been coming in for years and they’re loyal – and we’re thankful. But with this, we’re trying to pull in the 20’s and 30’s, people who may not have that emotional connection to Brent’s.” Foukal is hoping for big things on Thursdays in June. “This could be insane. Here’s hoping for insanity.”

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