An open house was held today for a new building at the St. Dominic’s North Campus in Fondren. The first phase of St. Dominic’s new Behavioral Health Services building housing the acute care psychiatric hospital is now complete and will open for patients on Monday. Instead of renovating the existing Behavioral Health Services building which was in need of substantial repairs, St. Dominic’s partially razed the building and reconstructed it in the same location. While part of the facility will remain under construction, the side of the facility where patients are treated will be operational. The entire project has an expected completion date in 2013.

This new facility is uniquely designed, without an equal in the Southeast. The building was designed after St. Dominic’s administrators toured some of the most advanced facilities offering this type of care. “With the opening of the new behavioral health services building, we are 2/3s of the way to the completion of the first new facility for the treatment of the mentally ill that has been built in many, many years,” said William M. Valverde, M.D., Medical Director of St. Dominic’s Behavioral Health. “This building is proof of St. Dominic’s commitment to living out its mission to bring health care to those who are in need.” 

When fully completed, the 77-bed, two-story, state-of-the-art facility will contain 56,500 square feet on the first level and 21,500 square feet on the second level. For photos, click here.

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