A new Outdoor Life Network show has begun production and two fit Fondrenites will take part in an upcoming episode. Terry Sullivan, owner of liveRIGHTnow and Scotta Brady, owner of Butterfly Yoga, were contacted a few weeks back by Gillian Mahooney of Bag Media, a Vancouver, BC production company for a show called Get Stuffed. Each episode of Get Stuffed has a pair of trash-talking rivals going at it in all kinds of bizarre competitions from across the globe. Sullivan explains: “They are filming this new series and they want us to act as the trainers for two of their hosts as they prepare themselves for the Warrior Dash on April 21 in Jackson.”  Sullivan says as coaches for the hosts, he and Brady will also be competing against one another to see if their respective host will win the Warrior Dash.  “The loser,” Sullivan says, “will have to ‘get stuffed’ on a local meal as punishment.”  The crew arrived Tuesday evening and has been filming B-roll in various places around the city.

Sullivan says that his and Brady’s parts will be filmed on the Pearl River Levee (where they have been training with a dozen or so Warrior Dash participants for months) and possibly at LeFleur’s Bluff State Park. The pair believe they were chosen to be a part of Get Stuffed for a reason. “I think we’re representing our city well,” Sullivan told us “and are getting noticed for the good things that we do around here.”
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