In a space she says she fell in love with during Zippity Doo Dah®, Good Samaritan Center Executive Director Kathy Clem will open a satellite location of her charity’s thrift shop in June. Clem spoke to Find It In Fondren™ late yesterday and said she is ecstatic about N.U.T.S. (Neat Used Things For Sale) opening in the location by June 1. “When I helped with Fondren Outpost during the ZDD™ weekend,” Clem said, “I thought how I just always loved the Capri.” She says they had looked in Ridgeland and in Rankin County for another location, further away from their existing midtown store, but the signs were obvious. “As we have watched Fondren gain momentum, we said ‘this is the place’. Resell is thriving here. We want to be a part of that.” 

N.U.T.S. will occupy the front lobby area as renovation gets underway in the auditorium behind them. It has been reported that Jason Watkins of Watkins Development and a group of investors will purchase the property and Watkins himself confirms the deal. “It is eminent,” he told us yesterday. And Clem is thrilled with her soon to be landlord. “Jason is a man with a big vision and great ideas,” she said “and he loves Fondren. He wants a thriving, unique and funky temporary occupant.” Clem said the short term nature of the lease gives them time to blossom. “We feel we’ll get in here and build a following and I feel strongly, that once we’re in Fondren, we’ll find a place to grow.” She said she hopes they easily accomplish that feat within the year. “We’ll be established.”

In less than 1,000 square feet (the midtown warehouse has over 10,000 square feet),  Clem says they’ll spend time trying to par down their inventory to what is appropriate to sell here. “We have to figure that out,” she said. “What can we bring to fondren that Fondren folks will like?” For now, one thing is certain: Good Sam already likes Fondren. She cited the popularity of Good Sam’s 12ks For The Holidays race that has grown exponentially and is one of the biggest races in the state. And she touts their aim to help all of the community. “Good Sam does a wonderful thing,” Clem said. “We’re clothing –  for free – 400 per month, and feeding people daily. And people are still struggling.”  And N.U.T.S. factors greatly into the equation. “It gives a fun place to shop, but you don’t realize, you’re making a difference when you make a purchase”. 

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