Photo: Mark Boswell

From – Governor Phil Bryant has now signed into a law a bill allowing the brewing and sale of stronger beers in Mississippi. The bill was passed by lawmakers last month and will now allow an alcohol content of up to eight percent by weight. The current limit is five percent. The state’s only brewery, Lazy Magnolia in South Mississippi, claims the company has had to pass up contracts to brew beer for other out of state companies because of the five percent limit. The law will take effect July 1st.

Find It In Fondren™ note: with many dollars leaving the state to purchase “craft beer”, the law aims to keep that money here, benefiting our local economy. Supporters say this is about better quality beer and a chance to catch up with surrounding state’s laws that have, for years, allowed the higher alcohol by weight brews. Raise Your Pints, a grassroots Mississippi organization who has fought for many years to raise the limits, is cited as the driving force. Their efforts to raise awareness and their perseverance are being lauded by craft beer supporters today.

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