Dewayne & Judy Deleat, Aubrey and Conner Browne

A giddy and excited Forest woman was in town today to pick up a prize we all would love: a 2012 Honda from Patty Peck. Judy Deleat was beaming as she spoke with Patty Peck General Manager Bob Aubrey and THE Sweet Potato Queen® Jill Conner Browne, just before keys were put in to her hands. Deleat was very appreciative of the win saying ‘thank you to everyone’. “I’m so excited,” she said. “It’s a gift from God.”

When the call came to her home less than two weeks ago, husband Dewayne was floored. That’s when he called an out-of-town Judy who was surprised as well. “Is this for real” Deleat asked? Judy had wondered if this was an early April Fool’s prank. “We’re a week from April 1, but I didn’t think he’d do that to me!”  Sure enough, Judy’s name was the sixth key drawn and was THE key that opened the treasure chest on March 24.

The raffle, part of the 2012 Zippity Doo Dah® weekend in Fondren, was dubbed the Patty Peck Honda Doo Dah™ Blue Car Giveaway, where $25 chances were sold and keys were drawn weekly. all proceeds benefited Friends of Children’s Hospital.

Deleat is no stranger to raffles: she said she regularly buys tickets for good causes like Batson, the St. Jude Dream Home and the diabetes foundation. “I will continue to do that,” she assured with a smile. And she just may win again. With luck running in her blood (her mother won a car on the Price is Right some time ago), Conner Browne told her “I need you for my good luck charm!”

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