It takes banners and barricades, permits and people to make a big event like Zippity Doo Dah® happen. But it also takes plants. That is according to Cindy Hatten Smith, manager of Fondren Art Gallery, who has been known as the plant lady for a number of years. She has been busy in the last week sprucing up and brightening up the pots and beds of the business district. “I feel I’m helping people have joy in their lives with plants”.

Smith says the early and unseasonably warm spring weather has promoted things that need taken care of and, that some freshness is needed. She’s been working the beds near Fatsumo Sushi, GLO, St. Luke’s, Fondren Place and various containers for Fondren Renaissance. Smith is planting geraniums and marigolds, but she has a favorite that could be called “the survivor”. “My favorite plants are the succulents” she says. Hot, cold, dry – they can take it – and that’s what they get here”. For her, it’s more than just a plant. “I feel like having nice plantings in pots and beds speaks a lot about where they are. It looks better and people feel better”. Smith says there is another upside to a spruced up landscape. “I hear it has a reduced crime rate effect”, she tells us. “When a neighborhood looks cared for, it is less vulnerable and attractive plantings can be part of that”. 

Smith wants to see you this weekend in Fondren. “We’re going to have the best time ever. I’m so excited and pumped. I think it’s a wonderful thing for everyone involved”.

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