We were thrilled to see the pastor’s note from Ricky James at St. Luke’s today. Thanks, pastor, for your commitment to Fondren!

My family and I are settling in the new parsonage here in the heart of Fondren. We love being closer to the church and Millsaps where my wife works. More importantly, we love being in this neighborhood as we expand the presence of St. Luke’s in our community. This new parsonage represents an investment in Fondren and a commitment to be an integral part of its future. We look forward to getting to know more of our neighbors and having all of you over. 

Being a part of the neighborhood also means using our church facility to host community events. This past week hundreds of people came to our church to see Tennessee Williams’ play Orpheus Descending. Many of our visitors had never been in our sanctuary before and remarked at how thankful they were to have us here in Fondren. This was an excellent opportunity for our church to work with the arts community and build new friendships. And thanks to Victor Hernandez and Jerome Moore for their fast cleanup and turnaround late Saturday night. 

Speaking of neighborhood events, one of the biggest days in Fondren is coming up on March 22 for Arts, Eats, and Beats. Bands will be playing and we’ll have the Space Jump on our front lawn for the kids. Make sure you come out to meet the neighbors and offer them a warm welcome. We’re blessed to be in the heart of Fondren and to have the opportunity to share with everyone the love that flows from the heart of God.

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