In news from late last week, Austin-based Whole Foods Market announced the building of a store in the Highland Village slated to open next year. Fondren’s Rainbow Cooperative says this is really good news for all who want greater access to healthier food. Luke Lundemo, Rainbow CEO, issued a statement yesterday: “At Rainbow we are looking forward to having a strong ally in promoting local and organically grown food, sustainable agriculture, and caring for the environment”.

How will Whole Foods in Jackson impact Rainbow? They say there’s no worry of them going away. Rainbow’s membership has grown from around 1,000 seven years ago to about 6,000 this year. The co-op goes on to say that there is a huge and growing demand for healthy food alternatives – a bigger demand than any one store can fulfill. Rainbow will remain a very unique and special business. “We are the largest and fastest growing consumer cooperative in the area, committed to cooperative principles that include democratic, local control and ownership by ourselves and our neighbors”, Lundemo said. “We will continue to have the most knowledgeable and caring staff and our commitment to growing a strong sense of community will only deepen”. Rainbow will continue to take a leading role in promoting healthy and safe food for our families and our community. They add that there’s a lot more rewarding work to be done and that they are determined to realize their great potential for a healthy community and a healthy environment.

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