Public recycling drop-off has moved from Rainbow Natural Grocery. The cooperative has announced a solution what they say was an eyesore and cost prohibitive service by directing recylcers to 841 Palmyra Street in Jackson. Global Plastic Recyclers, 2.7 miles from Rainbow, takes all non-glass recyclables Monday – Friday, 7am to 4pm. 

Rainbow says the move became necessary after the holidays when pick ups were missed and the narrow alley behind their store became too cluttered and impassable. “We tried to quickly find an alternative recycling service”, Lundemo says, “but the company that had just taken over the Jackson curbside recycling, Global Plastic Recyclers, could not come up with a solution”. He says Rainbow had no choice, but to stop accepting recyclable materials.

While taking your recyclables to a new location may take getting used to, there are pluses in the new norm: At the new drop off location, they have almost unlimited capacity to accept recyclable materials.

Another bonus for the busy enviro-savvy Fondrenite? At the Palmyra location, you don’t have to separate your other recyclables (paper-cardboard-plastics-metals). They have people who sort these materials. If you want to help them out, you can separately sort out cardboard and separately sort plastic drink bottles.  Rainbow has prepared a PDF to help explain services and the location of Global.

Another option is to drop your materials off at Recycling Services, Inc. on Mill Street. 

Update: Fondrenite Garrad Lee shares with us that he took glass to 600 Gulf Line Rd. (off Highway 80) in Pearl. 

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