It was announced last week: Brent’s in Fondren has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the City of Jackson’s small business division. That grant will allow Brent’s to grow. Owner Brad Reeves said the addition of Sunday brunch and Thursday through Saturday night meals has been impossible up until now. “We didn’t have the freezer space”, he told us, “and we’ve been running back and forth to McDade’s every day”. Reeves said brunch could happen as soon as the first of the year.

The grant process was one that the historic soda fountain thought they had covered last year – until they found out the money had been given away for that period. “They told us to apply again”, Reeves said, “so we felt like we really had a shot this time”. When Reeves first bought Brent’s in July 2009, city inspectors found that his vent hood was not up to code and that his kitchen had to be relocated to the former pharmacy counter. “That set us back a bit financially, and so getting this grant helps us to move forward with our future”. The money will also help to cover the cost of a new point of sale system for faster checkout.

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