Photo: Joe Wise

Purchase a book and baked goods, help build a home and a neighborhood! That’s the goal of the Broadmeadow Neighborhood Association’s book and baked goods fundraiser during the BNA Fab Food Fest set to happen next month. Former first lady Elise Winter’s new book, ‘Dinner at the Mansion’, is available for $29.95.  You can also buy a signed book & Mississippi Mud Cake gift package, using  the recipe from Winter’s book for $40. Or, buy a signed book with a half dozen oversized Bran & Peabody Vanilla breakfast muffin gift package, also for $40. All proceeds from the book go to Habitat For Humanity; proceeds from baked goods are a fundraiser for BNA.

The book is called a wonderful heartwarming and inspiring tribute to Winters with a forward written by Willie Morris. Order deadline is December 1 for December 10 delivery.  Gift cards will be substituted for late orders after the supply runs out. This is a great way to say thank you to family, friends and clients, help Habitat and contribute to neighborhood revitalization in the Top of Fondren.   Email orders to, or call 769-233-3062.
Click here for a preorder form for Fab Food fest bake sale items AND the book and gift packages.
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