Lundemo and Prosser

If you go by Fondren Park for a swing, a stroll, or a sit, you should notice it’s clean. That’s because the Fondren Association of Businesses Green Team made a sweep through there today and picked up litter just prior to planning a bigger cleanup Saturday. Luke Lundemo, chair of the team, said plans are in place for Saturday’s Fondren Untrashed, a sprucing up of the central business district and the neighborhoods around it. “We’re trying to get things ready for Fondren Unwrapped”, he says. Lundemo and a handful of volunteers, including McDade’s Manager Eddie Prosser, picked out zones to clean during Saturday’s event which kicks off in the Mimi’s parking lot at Hartfield and State at 9am.

While the immediate efforts were the main focus, Lundemo shared his desire for a BID, or business improvement district, to be established here, similar to that of downtown. He suggested that would facilitate funds to make cleanup a regular thing. “That would be great if we had someone everyday who was out there”, he says, “keeping it nice looking”. One idea proposed was that Fondren have ambassadors like those in downtown who would serve as security, cleanup, maintenance and the like. In the meantime, Lundemo hopes there can be a fund started from businesses to help pay for trash bags, gloves – even to pay someone to clean. “That would serve us well in the meantime”.

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