If you haven’t already guessed, the new Find It in Fondren™ Fall/Winter Visitor’s and Newcomer’s Guide is here! The printed version is making its way to your favorite stores, restaurants and galleries in Fondren, while the online version is available right now. You’ll also find us in mailboxes all over Hinds, Rankin and Madison counties in the next couple of weeks through our partnership with County Connections. Additionally, you’ll find the guide in race bags at this month’s 12k’s for the Holidays, January’s Mississippi Blues Marathon, and other high profile events throughout the area.

Find It In Fondren™ is, as always, a collaborative effort between many entities, namely the business partners who advertise and contribute to the publication. We can’t thank them enough. And, most immediately noticeable is the cover; Fondren illustrator Jason Moore was commissioned to render his version of Duling Hall at Duling School. Your feedback has already been overwhelming. You, our readers, are also greatly to thank for our success. Enjoy the new Find It In Fondren™!

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