What happens when two local foodies join forces? You get cheesecake following your sushi! And that’s exactly what has happened with Campbell’s Bakery and Fatsumo Sushi in Fondren. Chef Scott Meinka said Fatsumo was looking to strengthen their dining experience and make sure they provide a quality, consistent product. “I believe we have that with Campbell’s”, he added. Yesterday, Campbell’s owner Mitchell Moore handed off banana pudding cheesecake and pumpkin pie cheesecake to Meinka who said they plan to feature some form of the bakery’s award winning cheesecakes on their menu. Meinka summed up the partnership in three words: “Collaboration is great”.

Campbell’s is located at 3013 North State Street and Fatsumo Sushi is located at 3100 North State Street (the Fondren Place building at the corner of Duling and State).

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