Photo: Tate K. Nations

Brent’s Drugs lured me to Fondren for my first time. Upon hearing there was an old time soda fountain within driving distance of home, I made a plan to visit. Lunch and a malt hit the spot and left me intrigued. Could there be more to this funky little neighborhood? Upon my second visit, I began to appreciate that Fondren had more charms than I originally noticed. Spending a weekend here for the Zippity Doo Dah parade, I tried eateries like Sal and Mookie’s and window shopped. To me, Fondren had become quite interesting.

I’ve had several more chances to come here, to enjoy and appreciate the local restaurants and shops and the uniqueness of the area. Each visit has solidified Fondren as one of my favorite places to visit. Here, you can find everything that’s needed for a fun night out with friends, family or a significant other. In some ways, Fondren is like a hidden treasure. The area thrives on being a one-of-a-kind. This is no cookie-cutter section of town!

In Fondren, while walking around, you’ll see a variety of people. That variety makes the neighborhood interesting. The people appear to have made celebrating the uniqueness of Fondren a top priority. Before my visits, I’d be hard-pressed to name an area that works together so well to make events successful. This one does. The good life is a top priority.

So come to Fondren. Enjoy a night at a great restaurant. Have dessert or linger over an after dinner drink. Take in some live music. Soak up the ambiance of Fondren and all it has to offer. It’ll be an experience you’ll be back for – time and time again.

Contributor Tamara Welch is from Vaiden and frequents Fondren regularly. Look for this piece in the new Find It In Fondren™ Visitor’s and Newcomer’s Guide, coming early November.

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