Officer Gregory “Greg” Travis loves happy hour at Sal & Mookie’s. Just ask him and he’ll tell you, his “happy hours” are those spent getting to know the customers of the popular Fondren pizza and ice cream joint. Travis is the smiling safety officer you see on duty Wednesday through Friday and he’s quick to tell you, safety is his priority. On the job here since the fall of 2007, Officer Travis is responsible for keeping customers safe, but employees as well, walking them to their cars after their shifts end. As Chief Investigator for the arson and internal affairs division for the City of Jackson, Travis leads a very structured daytime routine. But here at Sal & Mookie’s, he is able to relax while keeping open eyes and ears. “I’m a people person”, he says, “and I love talking to the regulars, especially the children”.

Married with grown children of his own, Travis says he is involved in his church when not on the job. And he likes history, especially that of Fondren. “I’ve read it and I like how they built this area up”, he told us. Travis says this all-in-one-place community is relatively safe, and that’s something he cherishes. Like his role at the restaurant. “The customers know I’ll take care of them”.
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