“Only the mountain has lived long enough to listen objectively to the howl of the wolf” -Aldo Leopold

I just returned from my canoeing trip in the Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota.  The area consists of over a million acres of pristine wilderness with no roads, no signs of mankind and is only accessible by canoe – it was absolutely gorgeous and was full of wildlife.  We spent three and a half days in the water and trekking over portages and did not see one single human artifact; no signage, no garbage and no people.  The nights were silent other than the sound of the wind brushing over the tree tops and the mating calls of the common loons that inhabit the areas.  On the first day I was walking over a little hill scouting out our next portage when I encountered two red squirrels that started fussing at me for interrupting their meal.  Instead of running away as I approached, one ran straight towards me, launched itself up my leg and jumped off right before he went too far.  I got the point then that I was a visitor in their territory and I had better respect their space.

So what was my takeaway from the trip and how does it relate to liveRIGHTnow? Read more at liveRIGHTnowonline.com

Terry Sullivan is our go-to responsible living expert and the owner of
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