Many University of Mississippi Medical Center employees and students who park at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium say just getting to the main campus every morning is half the day’s battle. Getting to their cars in the evening represents the other half. Those who have grown weary of lengthy wait times for the next available shuttle or the seemingly endless stops the buses make throughout campus will receive some welcome relief after Labor Day. Weather permitting, UMMC plans to implement dedicated shuttle routes Sept. 6 that promise to get passengers where they need to go on campus much more quickly.  The improved shuttle service will include eight additional covered shelters to be installed this fall – each equipped with emergency call boxes – and consolidated bus stops. But the most distinguishing feature of the revamped service is its four dedicated routes, each designated for a specific destination at UMMC. The new routes will be color-coded, lending a cosmopolitan feel to the shuttle experience by mimicking the mass transit systems of larger metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago, Atlanta or Dallas.

Bill Horton, UMMC director of parking and transport facilities sees the big picture. “They are doing a lot more than creating new shuttle routes: they’re recreating how they are managing the transportation process,” he said. “There isn’t a more critical or sensitive topic, and it affects everybody. This is a new day. The campus is changing. More people are going to be using the stadium for parking. An improved shuttle bus service is critical. Operational planning is taking things to a whole new level to ensure its success.”

Here is a list of the new routes:

Blue Line – Main Campus – Dedicated Campus Route
•  Circles most of University Drive but cuts through Peachtree Street
•  Five campus stops include Learning Resource Center, Maintenance/Hardy Bldg. and three hospitals
•  Main transport for UMMC employees

Red Line – School of Nursing – Dedicated School of Nursing Route
•  Circles “loop” between Oglevee Building and School of Medicine
•  One campus stop
•  Main transport for School of Nursing employees, students

Gold Line – Student Union/SHRP – Dedicated School of Health Related Professions Route
•  Exits campus on Lakeland Drive
•  One campus stop between SHRP building and Student Union
•  Main transport for SHRP employees, students

Green Line – Medical Mall – Dedicated Jackson Medical Mall Thad Cochran Center Route
•  Circles University Drive before heading to medical mall
•  Stops include UP Pavilion, three hospitals, medical towers, Blake Clinic, JMM
•  Used primarily by patients and medical staff

Source: UMMC Public Affairs
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