Here at Find It In Fondren™, we pride ourselves on discovering hidden treasures. And now, we are looking for you! If you are a creative in the area of writing and have a Fondren story to tell, let us hear from you. Maybe you write from the perspective of a resident or maybe from a visit you made that left a positive impression. We want to hear these stories. Who knows: you may become a published author here online or in our next edition of the Find It In Fondren™ Visitor’s and Newcomer’s Guide, slated for an early fall printing.

And even if you don’t fancy yourself a writer but have some nugget of goodness to share, chime in! We love to have testimonials to publish that help us continue to spread the good news of Fondren. What makes Fondren Fondren? We need your help answering this question. Submit those entries to Thank you, and continue to log on here every day for all that Fondren has to offer. We work tirelessly to keep you informed. And be on the lookout for the fall guide, coming late October!

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